Learning who you are!

There are numerous people that think they can be described in one sentence. I know this because when you ask them to tell you about themselves that is exactly what they do. Then there are the people who are even worse and describe themselves by their job, or their lack of a job. People are... Continue Reading →



Moving: Deciding to move Deciding to move is obviously the first step to moving; though I understand you may not always have the actual choice in moving. Sometimes you piss off your land lord, parents and/or roommates, and then you are evicted, or the semester ends and your school tells you to leave their dormitories.... Continue Reading →

The broke students pasta

It is the end of the semester and many college students are hitting the end of their savings, and need to scrimp and save. The biggest suggestion is to use up pretty much everything in your cabinet before doing any other shopping.¬† From my experience and many¬†others that I know, this means using up your... Continue Reading →

Coffee for Cheap

If you are a coffee addict like myself you will understand the issues of having a low budget but a need for that ever so amazing wake-up call. Assuming that you have asked for advice on this type of budget issue before you most likely would have been given the most common tip which is... Continue Reading →

Smelling the Roses

For years I have been told I should take some time and "stop and smell the roses" and I thought I had been, but it took until last week for me truly to understand what that meant. I sat on my patio on a crisp winter afternoon and listened to the birds, drank my coffee... Continue Reading →

Christmas Wishes

I think that Christmas is an ever-evolving holiday where each year's always different, and you have to make the best of any situation that presents itself. Even if that means being away from your family, or having new additions to your household, or a change in traditions. The day is meant to be with others,... Continue Reading →

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