My Fear of the Future

I am a person who is scared of the future. I am scared of the unknown, I am scared of the what ifs, and most importantly I am scared of having regrets. Thankfully I have yet to have any regrets, sure there are things I wish didn't happen but they were all out of my... Continue Reading →



I have always been the girl that has had a ton of Guy friends, hell my two best friends from my hometown are guys (actually my only close friends from there are). For some reason, it was hard for me to make female friends, which could be because I grew up spending time with my... Continue Reading →

The First-Time Syndrome

Imagine the first time someone told you that you looked nice, the first time someone did something romantic for you, the first time someone said I love you! Does it stick out more in your head than the next person who did? I personally find that it does, meaning that if someone does something really... Continue Reading →

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