Opening Up to New Experiences

The one stereotype of summer adventures that I never wanted to be involved in was music festivals. It seemed like the over hyped drunk nights that people think is fun even though they don't really remember what happened. Though last year I was looking for a cheap way to spend a weekend with some friends... Continue Reading →


Being proud of yourself

Here is a story of a small victory in my life! On Wednesday night I was driving around the city and suddenly my one turn signal started going at double its normal speed. If you are someone who has been driving for a long time or like cars you probably know that means that one... Continue Reading →

The First-Time Syndrome

Imagine the first time someone told you that you looked nice, the first time someone did something romantic for you, the first time someone said I love you! Does it stick out more in your head than the next person who did? I personally find that it does, meaning that if someone does something really... Continue Reading →

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