Why Girl Talk Matters

Television shows and movies have a bad habit of representing "girl talk" as a caddy conversation between women where they bitch and gossip about other women. Yet, that's┬ánot what it is and is not how it should be represented! "Girl talk" is a way for women to normalize┬áthe things society has told us is wrong.... Continue Reading →


Winter Boyfriend?

So I have learned that having a "winter boyfriend" is actually a thing some women look for... its a humorous yet slightly a dangerous thought. If you go into something with the thoughts of it only lasting the winter, it almost seems like using someone. Mostly because if you label it with the season, you... Continue Reading →

What is it about “that kiss”

A kiss with the right person can be an addicting experience, one that always leaves you wanting more. The passion from it can make you breathless, the intimacy can make you feel warm and safe, and no matter how many times you kiss them it never seems to be enough. With the right person you... Continue Reading →

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