More about me!

Most of what I write is surrounded around my life, so for someone to truly understand where my writing perspective comes from, they must get to know more about me and what forms my perspective. I am in my early 20’s and spend my time working student internships! I live in a small liberal city... Continue Reading →



This is a New Section Called "More About Me" where I will be discussing in great deal... you guessed it More about me! You can learn the inner workings of my life, from my cat Salem, to the weird things that I have got to do because of my jobs and even more about my... Continue Reading →

Being proud of yourself

Here is a story of a small victory in my life! On Wednesday night I was driving around the city and suddenly my one turn signal started going at double its normal speed. If you are someone who has been driving for a long time or like cars you probably know that means that one... Continue Reading →

Dating Yourself

On one evening a fair while ago, I found myself with some exceptional ingredients and a great recipe I wanted to try. Though thanks to some unforeseen circumstances I also found myself alone without anyone to make it with or well for! So with a lack of options for a companion, I ended up making a special... Continue Reading →

Why you should learn to cook!

First things first everyone should learn to cook! Guys, Girls, children, elderly, and most important to this post STUDENTS. Seriously there is no reason why a student should not be able to cook. It is cheaper than eating out or eating frozen dinners for one! On top of it, you have the most control over... Continue Reading →

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Moving is stressful, and ridiculously annoying and something I have done more than my fair share of. Though it has never been hard, before now. At the end of the month, I am moving from the apartment I have called home for the last two years of my life. I have to not only pack but... Continue Reading →


You can hide from an ex, a parent, a teacher, but your brain not so much. You can't move rooms to avoid an awkward conversation with yourself. So what do you do? Some people drink, or smoke, or sleep, or workout, or anything distracting honestly. We all hide because we don't want to face the reality... Continue Reading →


I have always been the girl that has had a ton of Guy friends, hell my two best friends from my hometown are guys (actually my only close friends from there are). For some reason, it was hard for me to make female friends, which could be because I grew up spending time with my... Continue Reading →

The First-Time Syndrome

Imagine the first time someone told you that you looked nice, the first time someone did something romantic for you, the first time someone said I love you! Does it stick out more in your head than the next person who did? I personally find that it does, meaning that if someone does something really... Continue Reading →

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