Bacon Potato Soup

I am a huge fan of Fall and the comfort food that comes along with the Fall season. With that I searched and searched for something that fills that warm comforting fall feeling. Through the pains of pinterest searches and recipe failure I finally found my little piece of heaven in my version of this... Continue Reading →


The College Latte

Cook Book: Eat Like a Gilmore Recipe: The College Latte (The Lorelai Way) I know this is technically the Cooking Section but my favourite thing to start the day is a nice warm cup of coffee! Though normally I am more than content with just a regular double-double* there are the special days where I... Continue Reading →

Why you should learn to cook!

First things first everyone should learn to cook! Guys, Girls, children, elderly, and most important to this post STUDENTS. Seriously there is no reason why a student should not be able to cook. It is cheaper than eating out or eating frozen dinners for one! On top of it, you have the most control over... Continue Reading →

Date night reimagined

Date night is a staple in a relationship! Though the┬áproblem with saying its a "Date night" is that there is the assumption that it has to be big and grand! Though in reality, a date night can be a night in with Netflix or a small subway dinner. This is especially true for┬ábroke students who... Continue Reading →


Stay tuned for a new section! All on COOKING, the one thing I think is essential for everyone to learn to do! So stay tuned for my struggles and hopefully my triumphs as I learn to be a more efficient and budget-friendly cook! I hope to cover everything from pop culture cooking, parties with friends,... Continue Reading →

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