This is a New Section Called "More About Me" where I will be discussing in great deal... you guessed it More about me! You can learn the inner workings of my life, from my cat Salem, to the weird things that I have got to do because of my jobs and even more about my... Continue Reading →


When life gets too much!

I have been MIA for a while now, which has sucked but been for a good reason. I have recently moved to a new apartment ON MY OWN, I have had numerous job interviews, finished my internship. Plus I had my parents come to town and meet a significant other of mine, which happened to... Continue Reading →


Stay tuned for a new section! All on COOKING, the one thing I think is essential for everyone to learn to do! So stay tuned for my struggles and hopefully my triumphs as I learn to be a more efficient and budget-friendly cook! I hope to cover everything from pop culture cooking, parties with friends,... Continue Reading →


Stay tuned for a new section! Which will be filled with tips and tricks to help you with budgets, cleaning and the more technical aspects of life! All the way down to testing the cheaper options I will be suggesting to you! Plus reviews for the things I am exploring in my life: aka anything... Continue Reading →

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