The Other Side of the Story!

I am in the same position as many University students, working a somewhat awful summer job. The job is not in itself awful, it is the feeling I have when I come in. A feeling of frustration and anger because of my situation in the office. I have Co-workers who think they cannot be fired,... Continue Reading →


When life gets too much!

I have been MIA for a while now, which has sucked but been for a good reason. I have recently moved to a new apartment ON MY OWN, I have had numerous job interviews, finished my internship. Plus I had my parents come to town and meet a significant other of mine, which happened to... Continue Reading →

Last Class Bash

Tommorrow is my schools "Last Class Bash" or better known on campus as LCB. Our school's way of trying to control the inevitable┬ápartying that students do on the last day of class, and keep it to one day instead of numerous. I have already been invited to 3 preparties, 2 alternative parties, and 4 afterparties.... Continue Reading →

Midterm Season

It is that dreaded time of the school semester where everyone is bombarded with papers, presentations, assignments, and Midterms. With all of these assignments coming to close at the same time tensions are high, friendships may even be tested! Actually, for some reason the midterm season is also the time of the year that everyone's... Continue Reading →

Christmas Wishes

I think that Christmas is an ever-evolving holiday where each year's always different, and you have to make the best of any situation that presents itself. Even if that means being away from your family, or having new additions to your household, or a change in traditions. The day is meant to be with others,... Continue Reading →

Curve Balls

When it comes to life do we ever really know where we are going? Who knows when life will throw us some curve balls! I must say that no matter what, I never thought my life would be where it is now. I am in my early 20's living with one of my best friends... Continue Reading →

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