Is Romance Dead?

Women have been discussing the supposed death to romance for what seems like forever! Every Generation looking back to the past to find what was, instead of focusing on what is great about now! Currently, many women look back to the times of mixtapes, roses, big lavish dinners and being courted! Though many people would like to think “romance” has died, it has just evolved. It has changed right alongside society, as our ideas of equality have changed and just our views of the world. The old views of romance are still alive in spots but modern romance… well it fits in the modern world! The small gestures by both partners to show how they feel about each other! Something as small as a text before a test wishing you good luck, or if they bring you a coffee while you’re at work! Something that only takes a few minutes of thought and effort but shows they are thinking about you when you’re not there.

Honesty the best example I can think of is what my boyfriend did recently, he went to Banff with his family and when he came back he brought me a specialty chocolate that was filled with caramel (my favorite) and a specialty cookie that is maple coffee flavored also my favorite flavors. Two sweet small things that showed he was thinking about me while he was on his trip! Same with when he sends me good morning texts and good night texts! I have had the big grand gestures before and they just don’t fit anymore, I prefer the morning cuddles with my boyfriend and my cat, the moments when I look like crap and a mess and he still looks at me like I am dressed for a ball. Those small moments that stick around and last so much longer than an expensive gesture filled with cliches and expectations. I perfer making your own romance, and just being with eachother and hopefully being happy!

Even the fact that my boyfriend bought a pinapple shirt and wears it whenever he comes to town because he knows I like pinapple things and the feeling of that shirt (the pinapples are fuzzy) shows he thinks of me and the things that I enjoy. I appreciate that effort that goes much longer than a one time grand gesture that fizzles at the end, and I know when he wears that shirt he thinks of me.




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