Friends Cause Heart Break Too

Sometimes things don’t work, it just happens, between friends and significant others, and it sucks! You never want something that you put significant time into to just end, and it is even worse if it ends on bad terms or if it just ends out of the blue. I know some people will say that a close friendship ending is worse than a relationship but let’s be honest when getting your heart broken there is never a better option. It just hurts, but it is something that needs to happen sometimes. People change, and have new needs that one may not be able to fill.

I have lost a fair amount of friends over the years as many do as they grow up. Normally we just grow apart, though there are a few I lost through fights and those are the ones that hurt the most. Friends who decided I was no longer worth treating with respect or well, like a friend in general. Friends who went down a path I couldn’t be around for my own sake and friends who didn’t like my opinion on things either. These endings sucked, and were painful. I cried, and grieved and thankfully moved on. Though sometimes I do still think of them and worry, worry that they may have continued down their dangerous paths and it may have lead them to bad places. Just because we ended our friendship doesnt mean I don’t care about them at all.

That is the hard thing, caring for someone who no longer shows care for you. Heart break comes from many things and when a friend goes from being a friend to treating you worse then a stranger that is what happens. The trust and care you placed in that friendship dies and you hurt and you don’t know what to do, especially if they were a life line for you. You go through the same pain that someone goes through when a romantic relationship ends, there may be different aspects you greif for but your heart hurts either way. So if you do lose a friend and your heart hurts I urge you to grieve, and wallow, and take the time to do what you would if your heart was broken by a lover. Your heart deserves that care and attention, and you will be better off if you give yourself time to heal.



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