Learning who you are!

There are numerous people that think they can be described in one sentence. I know this because when you ask them to tell you about themselves that is exactly what they do. Then there are the people who are even worse and describe themselves by their job, or their lack of a job. People are mocked for trying to “find themselves” but in a world were everyone is asked to define themselves, it is necessary to know who you are. Are you a believer? And I don’t necessarily mean in a god more so do you have the capacity to believe in things you can’t see and hope for things that aren’t guaranteed? Or are you a realist, someone who is grounded to what they know, can learn or can see visibly in front of them? Or are you a pessimist? Always looking at the negative even if there is reason to feel hopeful or optimistic? Then there is your opinion on politics, and societal issues, religion, and all of those things that people fight about. For example, do you believe in the “traditional” family or do you believe in the ideas of “modern” families?

I could go on forever with questions like those, and all are valid to who you are. Peoples tastes and style change, so I believe we should not define ourselves on those things. Though I admit they are an easy over arch to use when you introduce yourself to someone. Though, at your core your ability to believe in more than you can see will affect your choices immensely. Your Political alliances will effect how you vote and thus can have an impact on how your world turns out. Your opinion on societal issues such as LGBT rights and reproductive rights will effect your friendships and those you associate with. And those views can cause you hardship depending on the area in which you reside and the opinions of those who live there. Your opinion on traditional families will effect how you will choose to organize your own family, not necessarily with children but also with those you keep close.

These are the things that effect the choices you make. Given the choice would you pick your favourite meal to eat everyday for the rest of your life, or a meal that you could play with so you wouldn’t get bored with it? Your answer says more than you would think about who you are at the core. Everyone is made of many layers, the core layer is the one that is hard to change and that is the reason it the part of you that is most important to know. Learning that you love photography is great, but if you are searching for who you are, start within yourself then expand to things outside of your world, like hobbies and food. Who knows you may find you value Family more than you realized! Maybe you are more concerned with the state of family businesses in your community then you knew.

Learn what you value, and why you value it and then you will truly know who you are.



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