The Other Side of the Story!

I am in the same position as many University students, working a somewhat awful summer job. The job is not in itself awful, it is the feeling I have when I come in. A feeling of frustration and anger because of my situation in the office. I have Co-workers who think they cannot be fired, and choose to act in a manner that reflects this, and most frustratingly a team that never talks to each other. The day I came in and asked to work through our planning for a future set of events found me as the bad guy. When I expressed frustration that things change without everyone being told, I was met with my supervisors opinion that he never does that and can only think of one time it has happened. That time would be the 2 minutes before I expressed concern to him directly when I stated he changed a whole game theme without telling me, not the other things he had changed or added or ditched through out the time I worked with him.

We both have varying perspectives and for good reason, being these things impact us differently. See when he changes something and doesn’t tell me, it doesn’t affect him for as long of a time. It will make my day harder, so it becomes easier to call back on the memory. As it had a lasting impact on my day, in contrast to the two seconds he spends explaining to me that the plan has changed. Normally as a passing statement when he sees I am doing something that was apart of the old plan. This is a problem many people face, where they think that what they can recall is what is the full truth. Even when our perspectives can vary based on so many things, such as the lasting thought that went into it.

For example when people think of high school those who were bullied will remember that the school had a bulling problem more than those who only ever witnessed it, were doing it or ignored it during high school. This also goes with roommate relationships, if one roommate is mad about always doing the dishes they will focus on that and may not realize that there roommate is also doing most of another chore. It is something that comes from focusing to much on what effects you and not allowing yourself to think about the big picture.

I do not claim to be perfect in the situation at my work, as I could be lacking in an area in my supervisors mind. Though as of now nothing has been mentioned, unlike my frustrations. This is not the first time my supervisor has done something to suggest a narrow vision in faults. As he spends much of his time complaining about things his supervisors do to him that make things hard, yet he also does those things to me. I do not know how to fix the situations I face with my supervisor as it is hard to convince someone that they are making things hard for you without them becoming defensive. So I urge anyone who has someone claiming to be frustrated or angry at your actions to think. Think about their side, and how you might be doing something that you never realized or focused on, and try to help the situation, instead of refusing any blame.



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