Opening Up to New Experiences

The one stereotype of summer adventures that I never wanted to be involved in was music festivals. It seemed like the over hyped drunk nights that people think is fun even though they don’t really remember what happened. Though last year I was looking for a cheap way to spend a weekend with some friends out of the city, and a option that was presented was a music festival. Because if each of us volunteered 8 hours of time we could get into the whole event for free, with a camp site provided. Plus it was outside the college city that I happened to still have an apartment in. So we headed off for the weekend and well it was a mess! A full blown disaster, yet despite the mess my best friend Ethan and I had so much fun!

It was too hot, or too cold! We forgot our water in our friends car, who happened to ditch us. We forgot chairs, and didn’t have a cooler and it was just a full blown mess. Though Ethan and I made the best of it, we hid in the tent and played crib when it was too hot to go outside, we drank a lot of coffee and huddled under blankets when it was cold.  It turned out to be a fun adventure of messes that lead to us deciding the day after we got back that we had to do it again! We had to go through the disaster at least one more time on our own terms, and that is what we did! We planned, and set everything up months in advance and I had us a spot on the volunteer list weeks before it was open to the public. A great perk of knowing too many people in the community.

This year was a bit of a mess in its own way but I am so happy I got to do it. I got to drink beers casually during the day, and chill out and beat Ethan at Crib as we sat by a fire at night. We even got to see a beautiful deer as the sun rose after our night shift! And it is now a set tradition in Ethan’s mind to do this all again next year. It is something that is so small and has always been a bit of a disaster and in all honesty we don’t even go for the music, but I love it. This thing that I never thought I would care about and only went to for a free weekend out of the city, is now something I am already looking forward to going to next year! It comes to show two things! 1) Don’t say no to something until you try it! 2) Even disastrous days and large messes can be fun with the right people near you!


Hope you are enjoying your summer!



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