More about me!

Most of what I write is surrounded around my life, so for someone to truly understand where my writing perspective comes from, they must get to know more about me and what forms my perspective. I am in my early 20’s and spend my time working student internships! I live in a small liberal city that is surrounded by conservative nation, making those in my city either extreme Liberals or extreme Conservatives as their way to compensate for the cities location! I have a small downtown studio apartment that I share with my tiny weird cat Salem. I am a commitment phobic, though I am also in a long term relationship, with my amazing friend and boyfriend C*. Which also happens to be a long distance relationship as of recently!

My days are spent working for a minor league baseball team, and my nights are spent with friends or chilling in my apartment with a good book and a nice warm cup of coffee or tea! I am also a big fan of creating amazing and preferably cheap meals!  I am in love with old 90’s TV shows, such as Sabrina the teenage witch, if my cats name didn’t give you that inclining already! I paint and draw whenever I possibly can, as well as write in my journal or blog when I can! Though those aspects of my life are harder and harder to blend in with other responsibilities always taking precedence!

I have an older brother and sister! My father is a pivotal person in my life as he helps guide me through work and my general life. My mother is a sweet heart who comes with some fairly funny stories! I also have a family of crazies, from my cousins to my grandparents there is a weird quirk and story with all of them. Though I personally try to avoid family events, but the ones I go to tend to get entertaining stories from it!

Stay tuned for stories about my life and who I am!



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