Being proud of yourself

Here is a story of a small victory in my life!

On Wednesday night I was driving around the city and suddenly my one turn signal started going at double its normal speed. If you are someone who has been driving for a long time or like cars you probably know that means that one of my signal lights burnt out… I did not. So I called my dad and actually asked “Is there a reason my turn signal is wanting to go to a rave?” Thankfully he understood my very opposite of  mechanically way of describing my issue and informed me what had happened.

Well after learning what I had to do I had a problem… I have never done any mechanical fixes to my car (never even changed a tire) and I also was to broke to pay someone to do it. The first thing my father suggested was to ask my boyfriend to help, which may I point out is always his first solution to my car and any upkeep I may need with it. Well my boyfriend was packing to move on Saturday so he did not have time and I also didn’t want to have to rely on him to deal with my car; especially with him moving to another city.

Thus, I became bound and determined to do this without the help of my boyfriend. So on Thursday morning I googled how to change the bulb and I went and picked one out and got some tools so I could remove the nuts that hold my tail lights in place. Then I spent too much time in the Canadian Tire Parking lot trying to fix it until I had to go to work. After I was done a 8 hour work day I stayed in the parking lot for about 45 minutes forcing myself to figure this out.

On the plus side it wasn’t actually changing the bulb that was hard it was the fact I’m weak and those nuts were on tight and in awkward places; so it was hard to get tools in there to loosen it up! Though the point of this is to say I did it, Alone. I was, to an extent self-sufficient, and accomplished a thing I never thought I’d have to learn. Honestly, it just never came to mind when I thought about the adult things I would need to know! I am really proud that I was able to do this big thing and accomplish something in a new area of life, WITHOUT HELP! It makes me feel like I can survive, without the help of my father, boyfriend, friends in general! I can do these things on my own if I have to! It is a small victory in the overall scheme of things but it is one that made my day better and made me feel more like an adult!



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