The College Latte

Cook Book: Eat Like a Gilmore

Recipe: The College Latte (The Lorelai Way)

I know this is technically the Cooking Section but my favourite thing to start the day is a nice warm cup of coffee! Though normally I am more than content with just a regular double-double* there are the special days where I just want a fancy Starbucks latte. Though in reality, I will do anything to save that annoying $5 (more like $7) drink.  The money is not really worth it, even if I do want something a little special. My Budget saviour came in Eat Like a Gilmore! I don’t know why I never thought to make a latte at home, especially considering I own a milk frother and even have flavoured syrups.

This book is found on amazon. (Click here to see book) and if you check out the “look inside” link to see the e-book this recipe can be seen without buying the book though I suggest getting it as I look the book entirely.

So this Recipe is super simple, as it is heating up milk, frothing it, then adding it to instant espresso. Even someone who doesn’t have much experience in the kitchen or with coffee can make this and it is absolutely spectacular to start a day with or to have a break.

My tips for this recipe are to get coffee syrups so you can make it as close to your favourite coffee shops latte. For me that means I have Maple flavoured syrup, White chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and Pumpkin Spice Syrup. Though if you cant get a hold of some even just adding a little cinnamon on top can take away any Starbucks cravings you may have. Though a plus to having the syrups is that you can mix them in to a simple cup of coffee or tea or apple cider too. Much more than just a latte.



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