Moving Part 1

Moving part one: Deciding to move

Deciding to move is obviously the first step to moving; though I understand you may not always have the actual choice in moving. Sometimes you piss off your land lord, parents and/or roommates, and then you are evicted, or the semester ends and your school tells you to leave their dormitories. So no matter if you are forced or actually chose to move, it is a stepping stone and important. From there you get the great pleasure of imaging what you would want as a dream home, apartment, roommate, etc. and then you get the pain of realizing you most likely wont get most if not any of that.

You will probably realize that your dream place will be more expensive than you can afford! Your Roommate(s) (if you have any) will not be perfect and will do things that will drive you slightly crazy! You will have to pay pet rent and a pet deposit for any dogs or cats! You will also have to pick and chose what is most important for you in a place because you have to be ok with compromise!

Making figuring out the compromises to your dream is the key, if you want a cheap big place, normally you will have to live with your parents or a lot of roommates. And thus sacrifice aspects of your freedom and life. If you want to live alone you might have to pay more, live in a smaller space and possibly a creeper place. If you want to live with people you are not related to, you are going to have to compromise on the house lifestyle! As they will have different opinions on how to run the day-to-day of the place!

Once you find your compromises you can legitimately try to move to a place that is decent for you!



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