When life gets too much!

I have been MIA for a while now, which has sucked but been for a good reason. I have recently moved to a new apartment ON MY OWN, I have had numerous job interviews, finished my internship. Plus I had my parents come to town and meet a significant other of mine, which happened to be the first time they have ever met a significant other of mine. So it has been stressful, but I hope to write about it in the next few days and talk about moving and all of that. Hopefully, my busy stressful life can come to some good. So stay tuned for topics on; The stress of packing, dealing with selling things, roommates in a move, living alone, moving with a pet, introducing your S/O to your parents, decorating your own space, making the most of your space, groceries for one, eating cheap and much much more!



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