Why you should learn to cook!

First things first everyone should learn to cook! Guys, Girls, children, elderly, and most important to this post STUDENTS. Seriously there is no reason why a student should not be able to cook. It is cheaper than eating out or eating frozen dinners for one! On top of it, you have the most control over what is going in your body than ever before! Don’t like a specific thing, make it without. Cooking is the best way to get what you want for cheaper, and normally better.

I was lucky to grow up in a house with a trained chef, so I grew up learning to cook. In junior high, I was in a special after-school cooking class for kids, and in high school, I was helping my parents make dinners on the weekends. Then when I would go home for the summer during my first few years of uni I would successfully ruin my father’s dinners by making the healthy alternatives! I have been cooking for most of my life and I have never realized how lucky I was to have that skill until I met students who barely could scramble eggs!

An average skilled cook can save so much money by making food at home, either by making a simple breakfast or a simple dinner or better yet both. Learning to make the eggs you like can save a lot of money. Learning to make a solid chicken breast and roasted vegetables can save you a ton of money. Learning how to take a simple alfredo pasta a sauce (from a jar) and make it your own can save you from a life of boring dinners. Making banana bread with the twists that are bakery-worthy can save a ton of money and still give you amazing food. The main point is that making your own food can save you money, and give you an impressive new skill and hobby.

I love to cook when I have a bad day coming home and making myself some good food makes me feel better. I may not have control over the world and how it affects my life but I have control in the kitchen. I can play with recipes, experiment, and learn as I go. I spend much of my time in the kitchen, either staying in and making dinner with C* or spending my Sundays experimenting with banana bread and cookie recipes. I love trying different foods from different places and taking inspiration on my own culinary journey. And most importantly I love that I can stay in and cook food with my boyfriend and just share our love of cooking. To talk about recipes to try and things to experiment with and the things we enjoy is amazing, plus we can teach eachother new things to try!

So pull up cooking for basics on google and learn. Check out youtube videos, articles, free recipes and learn how to cook. And if you mess up while learning, don’t fret I mess up too and so does my father at times and he went to a culinary school.



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