Last Class Bash

Tommorrow is my schools “Last Class Bash” or better known on campus as LCB. Our school’s way of trying to control the inevitable partying that students do on the last day of class, and keep it to one day instead of numerous. I have already been invited to 3 preparties, 2 alternative parties, and 4 afterparties. So its easy to assume that all of my friends are in party mode, and the ones that are already done all assignments and projects are even more inclined to party. With that in mind, I thought I would do an off schedule post about Partying and doing it safely, because the last thing one wants to do right before finals is getting so drunk that the effects last days!

Before you party, set up a safe ride, or set aside money for a cab. Pick a group of people to stick with, whether it be your boyfriend, girlfriends, a big group. Just pick someone that will make sure you’re ok, and you make sure they’re ok.  Then plan where you pre-drink, are partying, and the plan after. For me, it’s an all-day house party, breakfast in the morning, drinks in the afternoon, and big partying in the evening. Just know that if you do decide to bounce locations it will be a hassle, and it will either require money or a DD.

A good thing to do is talk to those you are going out with about your intentions. Do plan on ditching early, do you want to hook up with someone, are you a person who will constantly be leaving the group if you find someone you know. Making sure everyone is on the same page helps avoid the drunk drama of hurt feelings or scared friends.

On the day of the party make sure to EAT food and eat HEALTHY, no greasy burgers, no poutines, no taco, no pizza. Have a full adult healthy meal. It will help control the drunk a little and be your savior the next morning. If you are doing a full day of partying such as my friends and I are, Pancakes or eggs and bacon are a good choice. Though for all day drinking eating more than one good meal during the day is important. When you start drinking PICK A DRINK, or at least a type of drink. Don’t go between, rum, beer, vodka, Etc. Just pick a general combo and stick to it.

Pro tip: If you are going to a concert or outdoor event, beer/coolers are a good choice cause they are more likely to sell them. Plus at a bar, they tend to have small bar areas that only have beer and coolers (or at least the bar’s in my city do) that have smaller lines.

Always make sure to remember that a hangover will exist and that you can help make it better. So drink water, and if you are having mixed drinks, drink more water. A hangovers worst part is mostly the dehydration, so just drink water in between drinks. I promise you it won’t really affect “your buzz” but it will help your hangover. Be kind to yourself if you do have school things to do the next day, and avoid a blackout drunk situation. If you are lucky to be able to sleep in the next day then do it! Sleep in and drink water and get great hangover food!

Pro tip: Set a bottle of water and a somewhat open Advil bottle on your nightstand if you are planning an extense night of drinking! That way you don’t have to leave your bed to start the curing process!

Party Safe,



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