Date night reimagined


Date night is a staple in a relationship! Though the problem with saying its a “Date night” is that there is the assumption that it has to be big and grand! Though in reality, a date night can be a night in with Netflix or a small subway dinner. This is especially true for broke students who don’t have the cash flow for a grand date! This notion of dating is important to keep because it can help make a relationship strong. Being able to sit on the couch and pig out with ice cream while in torn old pj’s and still be content and happy enough to call it a date is amazing. Making the most out of those small things is what I think is awesome!

Obviously, a big grand date is not a bad thing and can be amazing on a rare occasion but if its a regular thing it breaks the bank a fair amount, and can lose its lust fast! I am content with staying in cooking dinner together, watching tv and cuddling on the couch. A time that is just us, sharing something we both enjoy and letting the outside world fall away for a few hours! We can take time and make something more elaborate or just whip up something quick and it still is nice! For some couples, this could be the equivalent of going to the gym together, eating lunch together, Driving around, and much more. It is different for everyone, but either way, it is a nice thing to do! It can create a unique type of bond surrounded by just the simple act of being near eachother!

As much as everyone wants to be able to do the big weekly nights out, it isn’t always an option, financially or time-wise. So finding other things to do or share with eachother can be the savior to a rough day or a long period where you are not able to see eachother as often as you would like or just a nice way to save a few bucks! I spend most of my weekends with my boyfriend cooking food together, watching tv and working on our individual projects beside eachother! Sometimes we just sit and play our individual games, me on the PS3 (outdated I know) and him on his Switch, while sitting beside eachother. For me, that is perfect and simple, and just a lovely way to spend my time with him!

When you are starting a relationship remember to take some time to find a “thing” for you and your partner. A small thing to do together that you love, it could be watching the game, going to the park, skateboarding, walking the dog, cooking or anything honestly. Just something to do with eachother that doesn’t cost a lot and is a simple activity you both enjoy!



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