The broke students pasta

It is the end of the semester and many college students are hitting the end of their savings, and need to scrimp and save. The biggest suggestion is to use up pretty much everything in your cabinet before doing any other shopping.  From my experience and many others that I know, this means using up your leftover pasta. You may be lucky and have extra jars of sauce around! Though if you are like me you don’t and you don’t want to go buy jars of sauce, or the ingredients to make homemade ones.

Thankfully, if you have spices, butter/oil, and pasta you don’t need to go buy sauce. What I do is make a small amount of pasta, and add a little butter, some parsley and lemon pepper to it. It is something that has become a fan favorite amongst my friends that I even make this when I have cash, just because it’s good and better yet cheap. You can also use garlic and parsley, I have a friend who makes hers with olive oil, and salt and pepper. Many mixtures work well with this, and you can play around with what you have in your cupboard. If you are feeling more adventurous then you could try making a light sauce on your own, I used extra lemon juice from those dollar store lemon things, added flour and some light spices and make a light coating thing for my pasta (A recipe that my roommate loves may I add).

As a plus, a way to save on lunches is a cold pasta, that is if you don’t mind cold pasta. All you really need to do is mix with leftover salad dressing and possibly the last of your salad veggies. If you just don’t have the time or extra cash to go out and buy all the salad and sandwich mixes then this is a good choice! I tend to make this when I only have things like broccoli or carrots left, though I have done it with peppers and other produce. But the idea is to cut up some of the leftover veggies (it works without though) add it to some cooked pasta, leave it in the fridge to cool and add some dressing to it. Personally, I add Italian dressing or other vinaigrettes, though I have seen people do it with creamier ones.

So these are some of the cheap down on ingredient things I do at the end of the semester, hope they help anyone trying to save a bit and use up what they have!



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