When I was in Highschool I fell in love with a group of women that was shown on the small screen in my bedroom on late night reruns. Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte were my dream, the thing I aspired to have. Friends that were there for you through everything. The awkwardness of dating, work and just living in your 20’s (or in their case your thirties). The people you can be blunt too, and say anything. Call up after having amazing sex and tell them, like Sam does in numerous episodes.  Someone I am amazingly excited to talk to about what is going on in my life and have them help me with my problems.

I was always intrigued by the very supportive yet uniqueness of the relationships of the women on Sex and the City. They aren’t the same, they all have their own opinions and they all like different things. Yet they are all very close to each other, and supportive of each other’s decisions even when it’s not the same for them.  People like to call Sam the “slut”, Charlotte the “prude”, Miranda the “man” and Carrie… well, I don’t know what people generally call Carrie but I go with “emotionally stunted” and they all have different wants and desires and it’s totally ok that they do. When all of the girls in my school were dreaming about their Mr.Big’s I was dreaming about my girls. The friendships I wanted and craved, the support and love and bonds that I hoped to find in my future.

As I have grown older my desire to have the same type of bonds amongst my friends has not necessarily changed but has matured to be a more realistic version. I know the pretty picture ending of each episode in Sex and the City is not what I can expect to get. Fights last longer than the 30-minute mark of an episode, things don’t neatly wrap up without any lasting damage or issues to work through and we may not all be on the same level of understanding, but that does not mean I can’t have that relationship even with this reality! Even in Sex and the City the women have weeks apart and don’t necessarily talk every day or every week, and they don’t always have to hang out with the full group!

I don’t know if the friends I have now will be the ones that I can compare to the girls in Sex and the City, but maybe they are. Maybe I am in the process of creating that great amazing friend group I have yearned for, though It will take years to know if it will stick.





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