Midterm Season

It is that dreaded time of the school semester where everyone is bombarded with papers, presentations, assignments, and Midterms. With all of these assignments coming to close at the same time tensions are high, friendships may even be tested! Actually, for some reason the midterm season is also the time of the year that everyone’s personal life comes to a crashing bitchy smash… it is almost a curse! One that I have been unable to avoid this semester, with both my personal life and school life coming to a crashing, smashing, explosive climax. My roommate and I are not getting on too great, one of my closest girlfriends is consistently making me mad, my co-workers are making me want to snap and I will probably be up super late all week trying to get everything I need to get done, so I will also be tired and grumpy. With all of that in mind, I thought it would be a great time to talk about personal health and how its tied to school and work.

When things get tense people tend to either just procrastinate and hide from all the things they have to deal with or they go into overload mode and just work work work! Neither is great for actually being in a solid balanced situation so making sure you don’t go too far in either direction is key! The biggest thing I suggest is No All Nighters! I know they seem like an easy fix but your work will be shotty and you will be in a shitty mood during the day! Even Coffee won’t help the all nighter grumps, and normally I am an advocate for coffee being the answer for everything! After that I suggest WATER! I am the worst for this, when I am stressed and just need to keep going, I will always be drinking coffee, a substance that dehydrates you! So keep a water bottle on you during the week, and ACTUALLY drink it, the goal is to need to refill it twice in a day at least! Then after sleep and water is food, Its harder to accomplish when you are in a rush but try to eat real meals and homemade ones over school cafeterias is a plus for your wallet too!

If you have access to a gym for a bit, take it! Numerous studies have shown that working out helps you retain information and keeps you feeling fresh! So if you have a 20-minute break go for a jog, use the elliptical, essentially anything along those lines! If you do those things you are likely to step away from the huge stress that comes with midterms but even so I also suggest taking 20-30 minutes at least every day or two and do something calming to you, without any thoughts on school or work! For some those 30 minutes may be the gym, for me it’s drinking a cup of coffee on my couch with my cat watching trashy tv, or doing a face mask while reading my favorite book! It could even be a video game, a nap, cooking, cleaning, meditation, it is all up to you!

The last tip I have to give is to watch what personal issues you tackle while you are stressed with school! If a friend says something and it urks you or makes you mad, just watch what you say and how you say it if you choose to talk to them about it! If its something that can wait to mention until the next day, just say you’re stressed and just need some time! Essentially know what is actually the cause of your feelings, is it school or the thing in that moment!

Good luck surviving midterms!



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