Why Girl Talk Matters

Television shows and movies have a bad habit of representing “girl talk” as a caddy conversation between women where they bitch and gossip about other women. Yet, that’s not what it is and is not how it should be represented! “Girl talk” is a way for women to normalize the things society has told us is wrong. Such as wanting to have sex, actually having sex, being angry without being on our period and many more things that would only come across as a passive-aggressive angry commentary about our society. The need to normalize the things in our world that seem out of our control or hidden behind doors is well NORMAL. No one is 100% sure about everything in this world, and talking to people can help you find your way.

I have needed a good “girl talk” numerous times in my life, especially recently in regards to my new relationship! Not because its a bad relationship but because it is a healthy and satisfying mature relationship, something I have never had before. Which is why I talk to those who know me, about my feeling surrounding all the new things I am experiencing! I talk to my girlfriends about my insecurities, my sexual desires, my dreams, my fears and more. They are the people who give me validation on my emotions, the ones that remind me that my emotions are valid.

Having a close group of friends to talk to, is the only reason I have been able to wrap my head around a lot of my problems and eventually work through them. They are the people I talk to about the annoyances I face at work, in class, with peers and etc.  The ones who I talked to when I started questioning my future at university and what career I wanted to follow. Those people that I  “Girl talk” with, are not just “girls” but my guy friends as well! I talk to them like I would the women in my life, and as such both men and women have helped me get by through talking and working through the problems I have.

“Girl talk” shouldn’t  be shamed and presented as rude and gossip-filled, it should be celebrated! When women talk to each other about their emotions, experiences and such, they make it easier for themselves to get through it. It creates an emotional support and stability for oneself. Something that everyone needs, not just women and girls, but men as well. Having someone to talk to about the things we find uneasy or unfamiliar is important and that is what many female friendships are built on. At least many of my friendships are built on that foundation of trust, and comfort, and we need to start recognizing the importance of those conversations and friendships!



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