Smelling the Roses

For years I have been told I should take some time and “stop and smell the roses” and I thought I had been, but it took until last week for me truly to understand what that meant. I sat on my patio on a crisp winter afternoon and listened to the birds, drank my coffee and relaxed. I saw the world stop for only a moment, and I could breathe. It seems like its been a long time since I took a moment to just breath, and not think about what is going to come tomorrow, or 6 months down the line. I didn’t think about school, or my friends even, I just looked at the steam coming from my warm mug and focus on the taste of my sweet caramel enhanced coffee and relaxed. It was almost like I could feel the pressure being released from my shoulders, the tension was dissipating with every sip.

With a world that seems to be constantly transforming it is always important to take those moments as small as they may be, to breath. To ignore the ever-changing world, and stop, just ever so slightly and be. If your a fan of Eat Pray Love you would have heard this be called “La Dolce Far Niente” aka “the art of doing nothing” something that is taken for granted nowadays. When someone stays home and does nothing of significance for a day it is considered “lazy” by most. But I want to challenge that, and say that doing nothing for a small amount of time each week is needed! And by nothing, I don’t mean lounging on the couch with your phone scrolling through twitter, or facebook, or even snapchat stories. I mean taking a bit longer to eat your dinner and truly enjoy every bite, to take a few minutes in the morning and look at the sunrise, or a few moments at night and just look at the sunset. Just spending some time reflecting on the good parts of your day can make a difference.

I already know this new year will come with a lot of hardships for me and I am prepared, but I am also going to try to take those extra moments to really be still, even with all the franticness of school, stress, and friends. Even if that just means taking a few extra minutes to enjoy my coffee on the patio every now and then.

I am so glad I truly took some time to sit and smell the roses, or coffee I guess in my case. It may seem small and meaningless but it truly made a difference, even if only for a bit.



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