Winter Boyfriend?

So I have learned that having a “winter boyfriend” is actually a thing some women look for… its a humorous yet slightly a dangerous thought. If you go into something with the thoughts of it only lasting the winter, it almost seems like using someone. Mostly because if you label it with the season, you make an end date for it… to me it is saying that the snow is a hour glass and once it starts to melt you know that time is up. This may seem to some to be a harsh interpretation, but the term and situation of the “Winter Boyfriend” definitely gives me that impression. Though don’t get me wrong  it is understandable that people feel more lonely in the winter, as well as the winter season is romanticized in pop culture, but a title of “Winter Boyfriend” seems silly.

Plus those relationships that start in the winter tend to be ones where the parties settle, they need a person to cuddle up to so they take a second glance at someone thats not bad but wasn’t great. Meaning you found them not suitable for a relationship but they happen to be suitable for cuddles, hot chocolate and other winter based dates. Granted this is not always the case, sometimes a perfect relationship just forms in the winter, either by meeting them once the snow has fallen or that you finally where able to tell that special someone how you feel. Though I know this concept of “Winter Dating” can make some self conscious that the new relationship they have started is just that, something with an expiration date.

As someone in a new relationship I won’t lie it is nice to sit on the couch with some tea/coffee and cuddle with my boyfriend, while we watch tv. To have someone to stay in with and hide from the cold is nice, but to search for someone or to lower your standards so you can have that is kind of ridiculous. I know many girls who use the term “Winter Boyfriend” as a joke, solely because they want a relationship, and the intimacy that comes with cuddles and nights in. They just see winter to be the best time to sit and cuddle by a fire, and thats an acceptable observation, especially because they are still just as picky as before, they are not settling so they can fake intimacy. Then their are some who are truly only looking for someone to spend the winter with, they don’t care about long term dating, they just want to cuddle, stay in, and avoid having to go outside to find someone to help with their sexual drive.

I understand that no matter what, the general concept comes from people wanting to  have someone to keep them warm, and to hold them when the inevitable holiday shit show comes. I just think that wanting that solely for a fleeting amount of time is almost faking the feeling in general. People romanticize the winter relationship and feelings because when its real it is suppose to be amazing, firework inducing, heart racing just from their touch type of emotions. If you settle for anyone who will hold you, then you are getting a shitty version of a “Winter Relationship” because everything is artificial. I personally think waiting it out for the right “all season boyfriend” who is going to make your heart skip a beat when you see how he looks at you, who will be there for the heat in the summer to the cold in the winter, is best!

Why force the subpar situation in your life when you deserve the best?





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