Taking a Break during the Break

If your in the same boat as my friends and I are, school is starting soon, and the break is getting closer and closer to coming to a close. I spent the beginning of my break stressing out and focusing on fixing some not so great situations in my life. Now I am focusing on relaxing and taking a break, and I urge you to do the same! The break was made to give students… you guessed it a break! Students do so much during the school semester that even a few days of a break is going to go so much farther for you then you might know. I always suggest to friends (of all genders) to have a night in with a bubble bath and a book over the break. Its relaxing and a great way to avoid human interaction for a night!

I don’t know what it is about submerging myself in a different world that makes me feel better about my own. Seeing the downfalls of those in worse situations and how they make it through the troubles, it is almost comforting. It gives me the courage to do things I might not normally do, as well as makes me feel better about my own problems. Especially considering the fact I read fantasy novels, with fairies, vampires, etc so dealing with demons is always going to be a worse problem then anything I have.

It took years for me to truly find my destressing mechanisms and it might take time for you to find yours. It is important to remember that everyone has there niche, and finding the best thing to keep you relaxed is important. Stress is a pain and its never going to go away, so finding ways to combat it is important. Whether thats video games, sex, working out, bubble baths, or whatever if it distresses you and doesn’t hurt anyone else go for it!

Take advantage of the last few days of break and do something for you!



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