What is it about “that kiss”

A kiss with the right person can be an addicting experience, one that always leaves you wanting more. The passion from it can make you breathless, the intimacy can make you feel warm and safe, and no matter how many times you kiss them it never seems to be enough. With the right person you almost use a kiss as a way to communicate with them; to say goodbye, I missed you, I want you, your amazing, and a billion things in between.

A kiss with the right person can be the comfort needed after a bad day, the thing that makes you feel like no matter what has happened it will be all right. The feelings associated with that kiss are amazing, heart racing, and euphoric. Though what is it that makes that kiss addictive? Magazines, blogs, and general websites will give tips on how one can make their kissing better, or how to leave their partner wanting more after a kiss, but with the right person should you need any of that?

I think its the person you are kissing that makes it amazing, not any skill either party holds. You can have a technically good kiss, but without the emotions, the passion, the romance, is it a good kiss? Is it just two lips pushed together, without a meaning, otherwise. A kiss can, under the right circumstance, make ones world stop for a few minutes, make you feel like you can’t walk, make every other problem in your life feel nonexistent! In no way do people romanticize sitting in front of a computer learning tricks to make yourself irresistible! They romanticize the love, affection, and passion that can happen between two people. They show the intense feelings that come when you make yourself vulnerable to another person.

So why are we still selling tips and tricks on kissing, if its fairly obvious the fairytale amazing kiss can only be formed through a bond. Not to say that a technically good kisser isn’t a bad find when you are in a situation of casual /dating, hooking up, and one night stands. But there is no way to train yourself to have that amazing kiss, you can only let yourself be and show true emotion with another person, and if the connections right then a kiss with them can create a feeling of fireworks.



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