Christmas Wishes

I think that Christmas is an ever-evolving holiday where each year’s always different, and you have to make the best of any situation that presents itself. Even if that means being away from your family, or having new additions to your household, or a change in traditions. The day is meant to be with others, friends or family, or hell even acquaintances, something that will make you feel happy. So if you are alone this holiday season or stuck in a new place I hope that you find yourself amongst someone or something that makes you happy!

If you don’t have the luxury to be with people this year, I suggest taking some time to relax, watch your favorite movies, listen to your favorite music and do things that make you happy! I personally have found myself in a city away from my family, and have taken the say yes approach to this holiday. Saying yes to every opportunity that has presented itself. Running a live request radio program, a drinking night with a friend and his family and so forth! Taking that attitude might just change your night around!

Stay safe this Holiday season!



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