Curve Balls

When it comes to life do we ever really know where we are going? Who knows when life will throw us some curve balls! I must say that no matter what, I never thought my life would be where it is now. I am in my early 20’s living with one of my best friends in a quaint smallish apartment, that is overrun by my devilish black kitten, Salem. I am studying for a degree I currently no longer have any interest in, though three years ago I would have been dead set on that being my career. I have recently started dating one of my very close friends, which doesn’t sound weird or like a curve ball to the average human, but I have been an extreme commitment phobic for most of my life, so this is new and unexpected. I have gone as far as throwing men into my closet to hide them from friends and family… on more than one occasion. I may have also forgotten one in a closet, which probably shows my weirdness with relationships the best. Granted I am only 20 but I used to know what I wanted in my life, where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, but thats no longer true. I am in a mess of new experiences just trying to figure out my way!




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