September 19th/2018

Fall is starting and I am in love with it! Look forward to amazing stories, Fall recipes and cozy tips and much more! This month I aim to talk about my relationship and the upcoming 1 year anniversary, things to do in the fall for a good date, ways to keep things fresh in your life (not just love) and the best ways to stay cheap but have a good time! Plus I am starting finals so I can give you the go to tips before your even close to them!

Stay tuned for all the amazing and not so amazing things in my life! Posts will be every Wednesday and Sunday, with the possibility of more if I get over zealous!


July 29th/2018

Summer is coming to a close, and my life has become a mess, like normal. Look forward to many posts in the future about work, cooking, relationships and how to deal when life is not what you expected. Because trust me, my life is nothing like I expected. In some ways that is a good thing, but in other ways it has been a struggle. Im excited to share with you my experience and I truly hope you are able to gain something from it!


July 14th/2018

So summer has become a thing, a busy thing to be more specific. I work and do school and then my free time is spent with C* or my Friends and it has left me behind on my writing! If you want to visually keep up with my adventures you can check out my instagram (link in the menu) to see it visually. Though I will try to write whenever I can to fill you in, though with my job with a baseball team and volunteering for a music festival next weekend It may take a while before my notes and handwritten things turn into fully formed posts! Though stay tuned as things will come as soon as I can make it!



May 1st/2018

I have been MIA for a while now, which has sucked but been for a good reason. I have recently moved to a new apartment ON MY OWN, I have had numerous job interviews, finished my internship. Plus I had my parents come to town and meet a significant other of mine, which happened to be the first time they have ever met a significant other of mine. So it has been stressful, but I hope to write about it in the next few days and talk about moving and all of that. Hopefully, my busy stressful life can come to some good. So stay tuned for topics on; The stress of packing, dealing with selling things, roommates in a move, living alone, moving with a pet, introducing your S/O to your parents, decorating your own space, making the most of your space, groceries for one, eating cheap and much much more!


March 3rd/2018 

All I can say is sit back, drink some coffee (or tea if you are more inclined) and enter my world of chaos and opinionatedness, as I talk about my life. More importantly my opinions on the things that make up my life and my friends! From dating to school you can expect to hear about it all, from the embarrassments of my dating life to the stress of my job! You will even get the pleasure of reading about the things my friends and I discuss and question when we all get together!

Hope you enjoy! 😀



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